Caribou Migration and the State of their Habitat: Tłı̨chǫ Knowledge and Perspectives on ɂekwǫ̀ (Barrenland Caribou)ǫ̀

Release Date: 
January, 2015

The decision to conduct this research came from the elders and the leadership through the Dogrib Renewable Resources Committee2. They wanted to ensure that Tłįchǫ knowledge of ɂekwǫ 3 and their habitat was documented; to provide baseline information, to contribute to monitoring and management initiatives related to caribou and their habitat. 

Submitted to the West Kitikmeot Slave Study Society, March 2001


  • Allice Legat, Principal Investigator and Research Director
  • Georgina Chocolate, Caribou Researcher
  • Bobby Gon, Caribou Researcher
  • Sally Anne Zoe, GIS Administrator
  • Madelaine Chocolate, Language Coordinator
  • October 2014: re-published by the Tłįchǫ Research and Training
  • Institute, with spelling updates for Tłįchǫ (Dogrib) terms.

ISBN: 978-1-896790-51-0

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